a campsite for children

Our campsite is perfect for families with children from all ages. There are childrens play areas at the camp site where they, among others, can play table tennis, rocking, or jumping on the trampoline. On the middle of the field is a volleyball field and a heated swimming pool, we have little bikes, karts and other outdoor toys where the younger children can plays with. About 100 metres from the campsite is a large playing field where you can play soccer, kite-flying or anything else, where free space is needed.

Organised games

There are activities offered such as a game night with great prizes, a kubb/mölka game or maybe a bowling or football match.

all ages

On our campsite we organize activities for everyone. For example pancake-evenings on wednesday for all ages. If you dont like pancakes then you can always order a snacks for acceptable prices. At the bar you can also all kinds of drinks, wine, beer etc. having a great wednesday night together near the campingfarm. With of course a nice music in the background.

Swimming pool

Swimming pool On the campsite is a swimming pool with we can heat when it is necessary. There is also a paddling pool with a fence that separate the pools . The use of these pools is free of course. The swimming pools are only accessible with short swim trunks (no bermuda or long swimming trunks).